General Data Protection Regulations

Our organisation holds personal detail records of our members for use by the Association.  These records are held on paper and in electronic form.  The holding of electronic records is covered by the new General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

As we are a small non-profit making organisation simply holding membership records we are exempt from registering with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The following sections detail what electronic information we hold, the uses to which the information is put and how the records are managed.

Records and Usage

Name; Address; Telephone of all members

Held and used by:  
Registrar for administration and membership fee collection
Registrar and Newsletter Editor for newsletter distribution
Road Stewards for newsletter delivery and membership fee collection

Drivers and Helpers
Name; Address; Telephone; Mobile Number; Email address of all drivers and helpers

Held and used by:
Minibus Services Manager and deputy for contacting drivers and helpers; the creation of driver and helper schedules.

Trip participants
Name; Address; Telephone

Held and used by:
Minibus Services Manager or deputy to create pick up lists for shopping trip attendees.
Minibus Services Manager or deputy to create lists for coffee morning attendees requiring transport.
Supper Evening Manager to create lists for Supper evening attendees requiring transport.
Coach Outings Manager to create lists for Coach Outing attendees.

Record management
An electronic membership record is created for each new member and held on Database owned by the Treasurer.  Records are deleted by the Treasurer under instruction from the Registrar who keeps the master paper-based membership list.

Records for drivers and helpers and trip attendees are held by the individuals listed above.  These records are managed by the appropriate Manager and are essentially transient.

In order to participate in any event or activity a person must be a member and be recorded by the Registrar.  Any person may require their name to be removed from the Association’s database by instructing the Registrar, however, such instruction will consequently terminate their membership.

Point of Contact
The Association’s Point of Contact for all matters concerning Data Protection is the Treasurer who may be contacted by telephone on 01243 263584 or email