Welcome to the Pagham and District Residents’ Association website.  We hope that you will find this site useful and informative about the events happening in Pagham.

This is our 50th year of supporting the community and 47 years ago we bought our first minibus to provide shopping services to the elderly and disadvantaged in Pagham.  We have been providing that service ever since.  We have grown now to the extent that we carry 2,500 passengers shopping every year and a further 1,500 passengers for events and local charitable organisations.  An impressive workload for a small community like Pagham.

Our current bus – the 5th is now 11 years old and becoming very expensive to maintain and is not totally reliable.

So – we are buying a new minibus with heating ! air-conditioning ! and more shopping trolley space !

How can we afford the near on £40,000 needed to replace our minibus?

By careful housekeeping over the years we have been able to contribute £20,000 towards the purchase.  The other £20,000 is coming from three sources: The West Sussex County Council Members’ Big Society Fund has awarded us £14,000; the Sussex Community Foundation through its Cragwood Fund has awarded us £5,000 and the West Sussex Travel Society has awarded us £1,000.  We are extremely grateful to each of these sponsors who awarded us the full amount we applied for.

We should also mention Eirwen Wood who left us a bequest of £4,500 in her will in recognition of the importance of the shopping trips to her and the friends she made on them.

We hope to be able to show off the new minibus at this year’s Pagham on Parade and the next ten or more years after.